Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Tour Update

Hello all,

Apologies that I've been scarce around here. I've been on tour, and so far have hit San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Jose, Seattle, Minneapolis, Houston, and Phoenix. Great events, and even greater meeting readers from all over. The booksellers have been really spectacular this time around, making The Crime Writer a staff or club pick in numerous places, and I've greatly appreciated that. The Crime Writer hit the top ten on bestseller lists in Los Angeles and Ireland this week, too, which has been great. I've got a few more stops left -- around LA, Boston, Milwaukee, and will be adding more, so if you haven't yet, please come by and say hello.

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Unknown said...

I've just returned from a weekend in Prague with my partner Jack. I'm still apologising for being practically anti-social during the trip - I bought a copy of 'I See You' at the airport and couldn't put it down. On page 345 now, crouched under the desk at work - doesn't get any better.

Delighted to see your sales in Ireland have brought you to the bestseller list - we obviously have excellent taste!!

Mary Frances