Thursday, August 02, 2007

Tales From Minneapolis

You've probably read about the terrible bridge collapse by now. While I was stock signing, my escort/driver, Tim Hedges, decided to take a different route into the city, so we steered clear of the bridge. This was in the same half hour of the collapse.

The city was pretty shocked, but I was pleased to arrive at Scene of the Crime to a happier scene; Gary and Pat had gotten married in the store about 15 minutes before my arrival. I've never had to be the follow-up act to a wedding, and I fear I paled in comparison, but here's wishing two wonderful people a wonderful marriage.


Hunter said...

That was lucky! I hope the rest of your tour goes well.


Aquaryan said...

WOW! Too close...

How come there was a wedding? A wedding in the bookstore is different, I think.