Saturday, May 23, 2009

Behind the Times

As usual, I'm behind the times when it comes to reading books - especially high profile books. But these two live up to the hype.

Tom Rob Smith's Child 44 - a tale of a Soviet policemen trying to solve a series of child murders in Stalinist Russia. The genius of the book isn't merely in its evocation of that time, but in the fact that we meet a protagonist as he is growing disillusioned with the very system that he represents - as he is trying to catch a murderer who the state refuses to admit exists.

Timothy Hallinan's A Nail Through the Heart - recommended to me by numerous people with good taste - is a brilliant mystery set in Bangkok. The setting lives and breathes, the characterization is spectacular, and the dialogue is so good you practically hear it out loud. Plus it manages to be noir - wry and cool - without overreaching. Hallinan is a stunning talent.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Robert Crais Interview About Trust No One

Here are some behind-the-scene shots of me and Robert Crais during our interview about Trust No One. We had a great time talking plot, mayhem, and character....