Wednesday, July 18, 2007

First Person

I'm getting asked a lot, in pre-pub interviews, why the move to first person for the first time in my career. I started out with three stand-alones, and then came the four Rackley books--all in third person. I knew somewhere during my writing of Last Shot that the next book was going to be a departure. A big departure. I love the stand-alone, and was ready to create a completely new world and cast again. I needed some fresh blood. I think the fact that I wrote The Crime Writer in the first person is probably because of how close I felt to Drew. The main challenge (aside from not starting every sentence with “I”) is, of course, viewpoint. In that all information—and all clues—are funnelled through one man’s perspective. And since it’s a novel of paranoia, well, there are distinct pragmatic advantages to first person, in that you can keep twisting the reader's understanding, one turn of the screw at a time.

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