Monday, July 23, 2007


Crimespree is one of my favorite magazines, run by Jon and Ruth Jordan, two of the smartest people in Crime Readerland (and the fiction editor is the inimitable Jen Jordan). So I'm flattered to be on the cover of the latest issue with Lee Child. Inside, Lee and I discuss everything from drinking to James Bond to sock puppets.

Crimespree is well worth checking out. Oh, and there's a supplemental blog, too, with more tidbits about crime, books, flicks, shows, and comics.

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Jen Jordan said...

It looks as though you and Lee are having a Tough Guy Stare Down. I can picture you two circling each other in some Tough Guy saloon, squinting at each other in the true Tough Guy manner, both of you making erudite Tough Guy comments under your Tough Guy breath.