Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Kafka on the Joys of Writing

For all you writers out there discouraged that you're not feeling the inspiration, here are a few entries from Kafka's journal (from the period when he was writing The Trial).

They illustrate that anyone can get writer's block, but more importantly, that self-perception is not always accurate. Here he was, feeling at a low point during the time when he was creating an enduring piece of literature.


Jan 20: The end of writing. When will it take me up again?

Jan 29: Again, tried to write, vritually useless.

Jan 30: The old incapacity. Interrupted my writing for barely ten days and already cast out. Once again, prodigious efforts stand before me. You have to dive down, as it were, and sink more rapidly than that which sinks in advance of you.

Feb 7: Complete standstill. Unending torments.

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