Sunday, October 30, 2005

And Now, Back to Crime

Last week's quotation was from Joan Didion. What I like about it is how she inverts the usual relationship between thinking and writing. I've found quite often that the process of writing actually clarifies my thoughts about a particular topic, or brings me to a new realization. One that is less "common sense" oriented. Because sitting, staring at the screen and trying to crack the dark heart of a matter often leads to something more truthful. And the truth is usually surprising. Quite often, people think that is reversed, that an author has a particular philosophy and he or she writes to provide a narrative embodiment of that. (See Ayn Rand). I tend to think that yields bad writing or propaganda.

But you all disliked the quotation. So this week, I'm going with something more in our collective roundhouse, from one of my favorites:

"Outside, the bloodhounds started yelping, and Merci swore there was something mournful in their voices but she knew she was eager for self-punishment and if it took personifying three dogs to beat herself even lower she would leap at the chance to do it."

If you know who wrote this, please write about it without giving away the author's name so other people can guess at it too.


Ellen Clair Lamb said...

Ah -- the character's name gives it away -- but it's a great quotation, nevertheless.

James Lincoln Warren said...

The author of this quote is actually looking for somebody to go with him and a buddy to South America for some fly fishing. I'm surprised Gregg isn't all over that offer.

Carla Neggers said...

I don't know about the bloodhounds, Gregg, but I like your thoughts on writing, perhaps since I work my way into a story in a similar fashion. Anyway -- I'm new to your work; just bought two of your books this weekend, thanks to a mention by Harley Kozak on The Lipstick Chronicles. This maze-like world of blogging is also relatively new to me. ;-)

Good luck to you! said...

Carla, Welcome and thanks for coming! No surprise that Jim and Ms. Answer Girl knew the answers. As for sales-y Hurricane Katrina guy, well, that's why we have a sign-in blog now (that still lets em slip through the cracks).