Sunday, June 14, 2009

Marvel Exclusive

Marvel has just announced my comic-book exclusive with them, and I answered some questions about upcoming projects. Stay tuned for details!


Niko said...

Congratulations, Gregg. I hope this means more Punisher work, but even if I'm wrong, I'm looking forward to the announcement. said...

Thanks, Niko - more news soon!

le0pard13 said...

Very good interview, Gregg. Looking forward to your news, and the Trust No One release.

Unknown said...

I am beyond greatful to hear you are taking over writing duties for what i believe is a truly challenging character. I beleive you are an excellent choice and F*'N love your Punisher and (especially 2nd! my lord) Foolkiller series. You have great pacing and original story ideas that rocked my notion of a non garth world. I believe you can make your mark on this character just ripe for the picking. My wish as a fan is too see characters react to Moon Knight as "the heavy" someone with intensity - not just monotone "oh he's crazy" response. Is 5 issues enpugh to explore the madness of his methods - or to shed light with some retro continuity on the last 30 issues because if you flip thru them quickly it gets out of hand mid way (i blame the art)- probably way too much to wade thru...but it felt good writing this - just as it will feel great reading what you have in store! YOU ARE THE MAN. and thank you. said...

Hey Paul,

Thanks a lot, man. I always appreciate the passion of comic book fans! More news to come shortly - and some covers/art.

All best,

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