Thursday, February 28, 2008

Rip Torn and Normal Mailer On-Camera Fight

Really, you must watch this.

During the filming of Maidstone, Torn hits Mailer on the head with a hammer. Then Mailer mostly bites his ear off. This is what we call literary mayhem.


Bobby Mangahas said...

The UFC has got nothing on these two.

Sean Chercover said...

Holy crap.

I'm at once fascinated and repulsed. But a little more fascinated than repulsed, I must admit.

Anybody know the story behind this?

Thanks, Gregg. said...

There's some question as to whether the fight was staged, and conflicting account (rubber hammer, real hammer, real hammer used "gently" - my favorite explanation). In the movie, Torn's character was to kill Mailer's character and supposedly, it spilled over. But then again, the movie was about piercing the hide between film and reality, so again, it's unclear. Mailer's children were traumatized, and his marriage spun out after that (not saying much, given how many times he was married). But man, everything Mailer did was larger than life.

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