Saturday, October 13, 2007

Lan Medina Art

Here's a peek at some art from the first Foolkiller, coming out Oct 23. Lan Medina strikes again!

For a cool new montage of comic art, put together by my MySpace guy, Eric Thoma, check this out.


Aquaryan said...

How many issues will Fool Killer have? said...

Five issues, one a month, and then they'll be collected in a trade edition.

deviantboy said...

hi gregg!!

deviantboy said...

sorry you probably don't remember me...was in training with your sis....but i am a big comic book geek (she probably didn't know at the time..among other things)...but I am a big fan of Lan Medina...and it just happenstance that I came across your name...great to see you in comics!!


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