Friday, May 12, 2006

Laughing Sinner Prisoners Pull Off Daring Freeway Escape

This is a great mock news article my publicist put together. I thought some of you readers out there might get a kick out of it.

50 cents, Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Two Officers Dead, Armed Fugitives on the Run

Early this morning the lanes of a busy Los Angeles freeway played witness to a truly horrific and daring escape involving an extremely well-timed roadblock and enough explosives to blow a hole through four lanes of highway.

Prisoner’s Den Laurey and “Kaner,” both chief members of the outlaw biker gang, The Laughing Sinners, were en route to San Bernardino County Jail where Con Air transport was awaiting the arrival of the two felons to take the prisoners to a federal penitentiary. The prisoners were serving time for the torture-killing of three members of their rival biker gang - The Cholos.

There is speculation that the two prisoners had outside help from the nomads, a separate and notorious chapter of the infamous Laughing Sinners gang.

The Warrant Squad’s Escape Team has arranged a special task force to help track down these felons and sources say that former deputy US marshal Tim Rackley, known by some as TROUBLESHOOTER, has been called on to the case.

At this time the police department has confirmed that deputy U.S. marshal’s Frank Palton and Hank Mancone were killed in the incident and four unnamed deputies received significant injuries.

The escaped felons are currently at large and considered to be armed and extremely dangerous.

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NancyGail said...

Gee, that sounds like your Troubleshooter plot. Think they read you book first? I assume you have been taking notes as to the guy on the lam after murdering his wife and attempting to murder a judge?