Thursday, January 05, 2006

Back In Black

Hello everyone and welcome back.

The quotation with which I closed last year belongs to Mr. Kurt Vonnegut, who incidently has a new book out (after he swore he'd never publish another book). The new book, A Man Without a Country, is a collection of essays, and some believe that this is in keeping with his vow, that he technically said he'd never publish another NOVEL. The book is excellent - you'll read it in one sitting. He turns his trademark wit and a caustic eye to contemporary politics and finds much worth mocking.

I hope everyone got in lots of reading over the break. That's what vacations are for. What were the best books you read these past few weeks?

I'd have to say my favorite was THE CUTTING ROOM by Louise Welch, a Scottish novel about an auctioneer who finds a snuff photo in an attic and becomes obsessed with determining whether it's real. The tone and voice were excellent, the plot - at times - chilling.


Jon The Crime Spree Guy said...

THE CUTTING ROOM rocked. I read it in two sittings. I dream of finding a stash like that, only comics or books, not porn. Great book.

Davedough said...


I'd have to say that the best book I read over the holidays was yours. I finished The Program and have recently started on The Kill Clause. Out of order, I know, but I didn't realize Tim Rackley had other adventures before I picked up The Program. I gave you a little mention in my own personal blog as one of my new favorite authors. Keep up the good work! =)

FizzWater said...

THE CUTTING ROOM was the first book I read in '06.

Loved it.

Who's making the movie? said...

Jon - best of luck on finding stash. Dave - thanks very much. I'm glad you dug the first two Rackley. As for the film version of The Cutting Room, I'm not sure. I know there was a play that's already been staged, and that an adaption to screenplay is underway, but it's been hard finding more information.....