Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Hard Case Crime

Last week's quotation was from Macbeth, the original Godfather.

I just read Stephen King's The Colorado Kid, out from Hard Case Crime. The HCC books are absolutely beautiful - the aesthetics mirror pulp paperbacks from the '50s, and indeed they are reprinting some classic crime novels, as well as commissioning new ones to be released in paperback format (King, Max Allen Collins, Jason Starr and Ken Bruen).

In the controversial afterword to The Colorado King, Stephen King says, "I write to find out what I think." I would guess that this is an intentional homage to Joan Dideon's quotation, which I listed on my blog (see entry two back titled Dante's Revenge).

If you haven't already checked out Hard Case Crime, I suggest you do so. They'll bring back memories. These guys do it precisely right.

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Rob Gregory Browne said...

The HCC books look wonderful, managing to capture the feel of those old softcover classics, but there's nothing better than a trip to E-bay or the used bookstore for a taste of the originals.

M.E. Chaber, anyone?