Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Book Expo America Update

Taxi ride.
Great to see you! Great to see YOU!
Where's the galleys for Lee Child's book? That bitch in the lime-green jacket took two and now they're out.
This food sucks. Where's Rey's Original? Which one? Doesn't matter.
When are you signing galleys? Can't I just take one now?
Don't turn around. That's the agent I fired.
She switched houses but her editor doesn't know so don't tell her when you see her.
Taxi ride.
Where's Judith Regan?
How long have you been at CAA?
Who else is here?
And you are? OH- of course.
Gin and tonic.
Jennifer Weiner's having a penthouse party. Right, but what if I get seen there? She seems nice and all, but IN HER SHOES? It'll ruin my image as a thriller writer. Who cares? Good point.
Taxi. Come on - you can take five. She'll sit in my lap. We'll give you a bigger tip. Where are you from? Really? I have family from Pakistan!
White wine.
EVERYONE'S at the Algonquin. Let's haul ass.
Cheese platter.
More cheese.
Another gin and tonic.
Taxi ride.
Uh oh.


Ellen Clair Lamb said...

Ah... almost as good as being there myself. Are galleys of your new book available yet? Why hasn't anyone sent me one?

Sarah said...

But you forgot "What the hell are YOU doing here?!"

GreggHurwitz.net said...

Ms. Clair - ARCs are indeed out. We missed you at BEA, woman!
Sarah - Exactly. One of my favorite lines from this year. (And favorite facial expressions - one of absolute shock). That was so goddamned funny.

Ellen Clair Lamb said...

Good -- I have asked the Mystery Bookstore people to save me one, I can pick it up when I'm there on the 19th. I was sad to miss BEA, but will hope to see you in Chicago...

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