Friday, December 24, 2004

Books For Soldiers and More

This holiday slideshow of American troops abroad was sent to me by a soldier buddy of mine. I found it gave me a good perspective shift as we enter the holidays:

Regardless of politics, I think most people support the troops on the ground and wish for their safe return. We have a few opportunities this holiday season to make the soldiers' time in the Middle East a little easier, and to provide resources for Iraqi children.

Send a book or two at:

As you know, many of the soldiers are getting by short on equipment and necessities. The Wounded Warrior project, at is great - they let you send backpacks filled with everything from T-shirt to razors.

This organization, sponsored by actor Gary Sinise and Seabiscuit author Laura Hillenbrand, provides soldiers and volunteers the resources to reach out to the Iraqi people by building schools and providing learning supplies:

Fisher House helps build homes near hospitals so family members can stay close to injured soldiers after their return to the United States:

We're pretty goddamned lucky over here, and I think it's worth taking a minute to send something to those people—Iraqis and Americans—whose lives are at risk every minute of every day.

Have a great holiday season.


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Aquaryan said...

Although this is not exactly "war-related", an American family had received a wonderful Christmas gift. Erik Aude was returned home from a Pakinstan jail after being charged with drug possession.

Gregg, hope you had a wonderful Christmas :-)