Sunday, October 03, 2004

In a Contentious Season

It seems that with political debates and the close of Major League Baseball, everyone has more opinions than usual. Yesterday's San Francisco Giants game - in which the Los Angeles Dodgers came back and stunned my boys with a bottom-of-the-ninth victory - was one of the worst viewing experiences of my life (yes, I am a Giants fan through-and-through despite my relocation to this fine City of Angels). My grandfather, a Boston sports fanatic - used to get angina when his beloved Sox played the Yankees. My high blood pressure during political and sports seasons makes me wonder if being a writer (or reader) makes me more susceptible to the slings and arrows of contemporary competitions. Do you think we relate more, agonize more, suffer more because we've been conditioned to do so by burying ourselves in countless films and books? After all, conflict is story, more or less, and I've found the 9-inning variety to be as compelling and painful as anything Thomas Hardy ever set down.

In any event, there's always next season....

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Aquaryan said...

Will you be trying to catch "The Clubhouse" with Dean Cain, etc?