Thursday, April 21, 2005

Wrst adn Typnig Problems

So I brok emy wrist in a soccer match Sunday and monday found my arm ensconced i a cast (pruple!) from hand to elbow. Im, in the middle ofna editing phase right now, whuich is proving trying sinc e I cant reall y type so well. RThere is a certani amount of rfustratio n for someonme ike me whos used tp typing and wokring at a certain pace tobe slwed down so drasticaly.

But tehrs also somenthing of a freedom inm being permitted toi write emails and blog entries witht eh typos that most poeple use! No more spellchecK! No more porofreading! I wonder if my publisher will hbe happy with a new manuscript that looks like sthis.


Johnny G said...

Very funny read, Gregg. Although that's pretty much what my writing looks like most of the time anyway!!

Incidentally, are you a "soccer" (football, to be precise) fan or were you just monkeying around? I'd be interested in hearing which team you're a fan of.

J said...

I'm a footballer from back when. I play in a city league still—violent opponents, bad turf. You can see the appeal.

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